About Us

CBD4PLEASURE.COM is a California based warehouse distributor and reseller for Hemp extract CBD (zero THC) products such as CBD bath bombs, CBD cartridges, CBD vapes, battery pens, Hemp tinctures isolate CBD, Hemp extract infused gummy bears, CBD lotions, varieties of Hemp extract CBD Topical.  We have been trusted by all of our manufactures to distribute their products to customers for healing and wellness. We are located in Los Angeles California and able to ship orders to any where within the United States or allow customer pickup from our location in Los Angeles.

We have spent years perfecting and creating what we believe is the most concentrated, highly-potent, and physiologically active full-spectrum CBD for sale on the market. While other companies often “mix-and-match” CBD isolate with extracts from various strains of hemp seed, each and every batch of the Hemp extract CBD collection contains a complete range of terpenes, flavonoids, and Phyto cannabinoids.